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Policy - Body Piercing Jewellery

Body Piercing Jewellery

The following is the AMIEU (WA Branch) Policy regarding the wearing of Body Jewellery at work endorsed by the State Committee of Management at the December 2003 meeting



It follows a significant number of complaints from members about various and differing views that some employers have on the issue of  "body piercing jewellery"

There does not appear to be any consistent policy within the employer groups on this subject.

Obviously the policy adopted by the Union takes into account :

 - Food Safety


- Occupational Health & Safety


- Acceptable Community Standards


AMIEU (WA Branch) Policy for Body Piercing Jewellery for members employed in areas where food designated for human consumption is prepared/packaged.

This Union is committed to standards that ensure all meat products are processed and packaged in accordance with the following:


(1)   That the occupational health, safety and welfare of our members are the prime consideration when determining the suitability of any cosmetic jewellery. This includes the likelihood and consequences of this jewellery being caught in machinery, injuring other workers - eg excessively large, sharp, pointy etc.


(2)   Food Safety & Hygiene  - any jewellery that cannot be securely fastened by means of a fine thread connecting the two pieces (bars, studs or bolts) or does not need specialised tools to remove them would be deemed to present an unacceptable risk of contaminating the meat product.

The jewellery must not contain any stones (precious or otherwise) that may be dislodged and contaminate the meat product.

The jewellery must be made of a non-oxidising metals or amalgams; eg gold platinum, silver or surgical grade stainless steel to ensure that there is no build up of scale, oxide or other substances that are capable of collecting and multiplying bacteria.


(3)   Acceptable Community Standards - Providing the jewellery meets the above criterion and is not offensive - eg racist, sexually explicit, obscene etc. and is of a small enough design not to draw undue attention to it or to cause the slurring of speech (in the case of tongue or lip studs) then this Union does not believe a heavy handed approach by employers is appropriate on what is really a question of changing fashion.





This Branch neither encourages or discourages the use of body jewellery as we believe it is a matter of personal choice. If you favour wearing body jewellery, then be mindful of the associated health risks and be sure to only use professional operators who adhere to the highest possible hygiene standards.






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