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Live Export Petition

The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Commonwealth Government

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2601



Dear Minister,

Re: The Live Animal Export trade


Like the majority of Australians, I am disgusted at the continuation of the live animal export trade. This trade is not only barbaric but is costing Australia thousands of much needed jobs.

Each year approximately 100,000 animals die during the three-week journey to the Middle-East. Sadly it appears that they are the lucky ones as the treatment and slaughter that awaits these animals at their destination is inhumane in the extreme. Pre-stunning prior to slaughter is not a requirement as it is in this country and the animals, their throats cut while fully conscious can take up to two minutes to die. If we have Codes of Practice in place in Australia for the humane slaughter of animals, how can it be justified to send Australian animals to suffer this inhumane treatment overseas?


I am aware that these countries do in fact accept meat in chilled and frozen form and that there are adequate refrigeration units in the Middle-East .

During the Saudi Arabian ban on our live exports, I understand meat exports to this country trebled.


This trade brings no credit to Australia. It should be immediately abolished and replaced with the packaged and processed meat trade.



Yours sincerely


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