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Facts About Howard's So Called Fairness Test

Facts about Howard's So Called Fairness Test

More Deception from a Prime Minister who is only concerned about one job -HIS!!

On November 24th, 2007 the workers of this country were NOT deceived and John Howard's "AWA" expired!

The Rudd Government must render the Workchoice legislation to the By Products of Australian history!

Click on this link for for what it really means........

Howard's Retirement Song

If you would like to hear Johnny Howard's retirement song click on this link ..

Live Animal Exports

The Truth About Live Exports - for more information click here..........Why Live Exports are Wrong

Victory over Workchoices
Trade Union Campaign - was key in Howard's demise

Thehistoric landslide against the Howard Government in the FederalElection (Sat 24/11) can be directly attributed to the determined anddisciplined trade union "Your Rights at Work" Campaign.

Our mass mobilisations, coupled with TV ads and marginal seat work has paid off.

It is important now, once the justifiable celebrations are over, to make sure that our rights at work are won back.
AMIEU members at November 15th Protest Rally

The AMIEU (WA Branch) joined hundreds of thousands of workers throughout Australia, in the first of many actions, designed to focus public attention on the the Howard Government's anti- worker anti-family Industrial Relations legislation. Whatever it takes - the Australian Union movement will not rest until this rotten legislation is consigned to the rubbish bin of history.


Live Exports - what the papers are saying!

Interested in seeing how the press are reporting this disgusting trade?

If so click here.........

 State Meat Award Updates

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 Members Equity Bank
 Meat Processing Industry Report to WA Government

Meat Processing Industry Report to WA Government here

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