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Noel Washington

"The last thing I want to do is go to jail," says Noel. "But there are bigger things at stake here. Workers' rights for one. And in the building industry, we don't have them."

ACTU Campaign

Howard wants to destroy your rights Find out about the ACTU Campaign

Despite the Howard Government
Despite the Drought
Despite the Heat
The Butchers' Picnic on 17 January 2007
Was a Successful Day

The Union Effect

The Union Effect

The most effective tool that we have in ensuring good health and safety at work is trade unions, because organised workplaces are safer workplaces.

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WorkCover Campaign

Protest to: Improve WorkCover for Workers


WorkCover was introduced to provide fair and just compensation for workers who were injured or developed illnesses as a result of work. The Kennett Government took away the fairness and justice. This was rejected by the Victorian people. The Labor Government promised to bring back fairness.


It is time to deliver fair and just workers compensation.


The Brumby Government established a review of WorkCover. The Union movement has participated in the review, we've been patient. The Review has not recommended enough. Now is time to campaign.


Send a new letter to your politicians.


Do you access to a computer, at home, a library or a cybernet café? If you don't feel comfortable on the internet, your kids will be able to help you look at and send a new letter off to the ALP parliamentarians. This will make them think twice only if there are many hundreds (or even thousands) of letters sent. The process only takes 10 minutes. Even if you sent a letter to the politicians earlier this is a new message.




The first will be held outside the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service and will highlight the recommendation in the Hanks Report to gut the service. The protest will also highlight the AMIEU's call for the service to be given greater powers. We want Conciliation Officers to have Arbitration Powers. The protest will be at:


1 pm, Wednesday 12 November


460 Lonsdale Street



The second will be outside the WorkCover agent, Cambridge Integrated Services, and will highlight the poor service injured workers receive from all of the VWA's agents. The protest will be at:


1 pm, Monday 24 November

Cambridge Integrated Services

390 LaTrobe Street



For more information and activities check out 


Or contact me:


Gwynnyth Evans

AMIEU Health and Safety/WorkCover Officer

Phone: 03 9662 3766

Fax: 03 9662 9549



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