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Pigs Brains

Pigs Brains

Do you work in a pig abattoir?
Is compressed air used to blast brain tissue from severed pigs heads?

Read this article and find out about potential risk!


Alimta and Mesothelioma

Today 8th November the PBS recommended that Alimta be subsidised. Find out more.


Find out about treatment for the asbestos related disease Mesothelioma

Behaviour Based Safety

What are Behaviour Based Safety Programs?

Behavioural Based Safety is an approach to safety that focuses on workers' behaviour as the cause of most work-related injuries and illnesses.   These programs are being introduced in Australian workplaces, and so we have produced a Kit for health and safety reps to provide information on what they are, what's wrong with them and what workers can do in their workplaces.

Check out lots of material

Zoonotic Deaths

In August 2006 two workers in Britain die from diseases caught from animals. One dies of anthrax and one from rabbit flu.

Injured at Work? Claiming Compensation

Injuries or Illnesses WorkCover Entitlements

Despite fighting for health and safety this is an industry where workers do get injured too often. The injuries that are most common are injuries from 'manual handling'. The next most common are lacerations. The range of injuries and illnesses is too long to go into here.
If you are injured or ill and your work really contributes to this you are entitled to compensation.
What are some of the things that you need to do if you are injured
Find out about
claiming WorkCover
Check what are Medical and Like Services
Find out what are
your entitlements
How do you sort out your entitlements in the retail sector
Find out where things stand with Rehabilitation and Returning to Work


H&S Reps

The next OHS Reps training course will be held at AMIEU from 4 to 8 August 2008. 

Find pics from a previous course 
See what it was like behind here. 
As it is approved by WorkSafe your employers must let you come as an elected health and safety representative. 


Q Fever

ABC Landline program about Q Fever in August 2005 raised awareness of many. Check out what was on it.
Day of Mourning

The canary  has been sent down mines for centuries to show if the air was turning bad. The canary died first - hopefully giving enough time for workers to escape.

Labour Hire

Victorian Parliament's Economic Development Committee Inquiry into Labour Hire Employment was set up in 2003. The AMIEU put in a submission as did Trades Hall. In preparing for this there was a survey of workers to find out the impact of employment through labour hire. if you want to find out more click on here.

WASHINGTON - When Tereza Nieto dreamed of working in North Carolina, she never imagined this: hog carcasses zipping past her inside a chilly factory cooler, a fallen pig, an injured back, the inability to work.
read on
Risks - Gas Flush Meat

Management Secrecy - A Threat to Health and Safety

Members will be aware that a trial of the use of gas flush meat is being carried out in Coles Myer stores. It is clear that Coles Myer are increasing the numbers of stores that are being supplied from a centralised company who are providing the gas flushed meat.

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Machinery Injuries

Machinery in the Meat Industry can be Bloody Dangerous

Injuries from machinery are permanent and usually leave people disfigured for life.









Machinery that was invented to assist in cutting up dead animals can be just as effective on live humans, causing horrifying injuries.




Employers must make machinery safe
If They Don't

Say No to Injury


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