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PAUL MARSHALL is the SA Branch Assistant Secretary and assists workers with workcover claims.

Over $11,000 for carpal tunnel and scarring.  Over $13,000 for lower
back injury.  These are just two examples of recent settlements
for members achieved
by the Union.

The Union provides representation at conferences and disputes both
with your employer and the Workcover Tribunal
as a service to its
members at no
extra charge.

If you have any questions about injuries, Workcover or claims
give me a call at the
Union office.

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                                AMIEU SA BRANCH Funeral Benefit

      Rules of Benefit:

  1. All members are to be made aware of the rules of the benefit.
  2. The benefit does not comprise of a fund or any separate monies to the Union general account.  Union fees have not been increased to create this benefit, nor are any part of a members union fees set aside for this benefit.
  3. Benefit is subject to review and alteration or termination at any time by the Committee of Management.
  4. Financial status must be maintained with no honorary membership type of arrangements applying.
  5. The benefit would not be payable in conjunction with a death benefit from the journey cover policy, (i.e. one or the other).
  6. The benefit applies to financial members of the union only and does not extend to any other member of the members family unless they are financial members also.
  7. The benefit will be calculated based on a members length of service as a financial member.  A break in financial status will not affect the overall length of time as a financial member provided that any arrears are caught up.
  8. Subject to rule 7, a member who is unfinancial for 6 months or greater will, on recommencement of payment of union fees, have their length of service as a financial member calculated from the time that they recommenced payment of fees.
  9. Rule 7 may only be activated prior to the members death.
  10. Payment of the benefit will be made to the deceased members next of kin on receipt into the union office of a claim by the next of kin.
  11. The Union reserves the right to request proof that the benefit is to be paid to the appropriate person.
  12. If a member wishes the benefit to be paid to someone other than their next of kin they will need to write to the office advising such, and this will be kept on file in the union office.
  13. For the purpose of this benefit, a member will be deemed to be financial based on receipt of monies into the Union office.  If a member is on payroll deductions their financial status will be determined once the final payroll deduction is received into the union office.
  14. The benefit will be calculated at the rate of $200.00 for each year of financial membership of the union.
  15. The maximum benefit will be $1000.00.
  16. This benefit supersedes any other funeral fund or related funeral benefit that may have been previously available to AMIEU members in SA from time to time.


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