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Welcome to the AMIEU South Australian WEBSITE

This site is designed to give information about the Union whether you are a member, or are just interested in the workings of the Union.

We will keep this site updated with the latest industry news, changes to the industrial arena, the benefits of being a member as well as updates as to what the Union is doing in general for its members.

The Federal Government has expended massive resources to try and muzzle the union, if not kill it off altogether, but their tactics have shown workers the need for organisation and unity if they want to keep from slipping back into archaic industrial practices.

The emphasis these days on enterprise bargaining shows the stark contrast between individual contracts (AWA's) and agreements that have been negotiated collectively by the union members at plant level.  AWA workers are now miles (kilometres?) behind the unionised workforces in terms of wages and conditions.  This is being borne out in official statistics now and cannot be dismissed as union rhetoric.

What it all boils down to is Union membership and organisation of workers at the workplace.

Where the Union membership is high, the organisation of workers is also high and they are able to work together to achieve good outcomes.  Collective bargaining is the core of the Union strength as many people working together will always achieve a better result than individuals trying to bargain with company officials.  It should be remembered that the companies usually employ Industrial Relations specialists to deal with employee matters, and these specialists are usually advised and backed by employer associations who operate in a similar fashion to the Unions.

Individual employees are at a disadvantage to start with, and if they are then not Union members they have little real prospect of negotiating or bargaining any outcome at all in terms of their wages and working conditions.

The recruitment of new Union members is the highest priority of the Union in order to maintain its bargaining strength, maintain its resources to help members with employment problems, and to maintain its relevance in the industry advisory bodies and Government where employee concerns need to be considered.

We will continue to fight for better laws for workers whether it be in respect to injuries and workers compensation, occupational health and safety, industrial laws governing workers rights to a fair go, fair trading hours that allow our retail members a home life, training arrangements that affect our apprentices or trainees, or any other factor that has an affect on the working lives of our members.

We are committed to the whole of the meat industry and to the workers that are employed in it.  All workers in the meat industry benefit from our presence whether they be members of the Union or not but in order to maintain a strong presence in this industry we need a strong membership.

If you are not a member there has never been a better time to join.


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