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  1. Improve wages and conditions
  2. Uphold rights of organisation of labor
  3. Protect interests of workers
  4. Improve the culture and living standards of its members
AMIEU Recruitment Video
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The A.M.I.E.U. recruitment video, which the union won the ACTU QLD "1999" award for the best use of information technology, represents an important step forward for the union.This is a crucial aspect of all enterprise negotiations as the union will seek to have a clause inserted in all agreements requiring new employees the entitlement to view the video when starting employment at a shed. Recent deals that have been wrapped up have included such a clause. Generally, the response from employers has been positive and we thank them for that.

It is my belief that unions should not be afraid to embrace new methods and strategies for recruitment. We are heading into a new era of industrial relations in this country and the union movement must make sure it keeps pace of modern developments to keep us strong and relevant. I hope that, in the future the union trials more initiatives. We currently face the most anti-union Federal government of all time and every new member that joins up is a signal to Howard and Abbott that they are better off leaving us alone, because the union movement is here to stay.

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Join the AMIEU and have real strength of representation in industrial disputes.
Get with the Union that has the power!


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