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Workers Compensation




A "real world" guide to Workers Compensation

About the Workers Compensation System

Section - 1

About the Workers Compensation Scheme
Where are You Covered by Workers Compensation?
How is an Injury Work Related?

Section - 2

Claiming Workers Compensation Benefits
What you can Expect from the Company

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Changes to Workers Compensation

Changes To Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is an insurance scheme taken out by all employers, to cover all their workers in the event of a work-related injury, accident or illness occurring.

Workers Compensation provides injured workers with:

* weekly payments to cover loss of income,

* payment of medical, hospital and other expenses including physiotherapy, travel to and from treatment and rehabilitation expenses associated with return to work or retraining for another job, where necessary,

* damage to clothing and artificial aides (such as glasses) where an accident has occurred,

* lump sums if the injury causes a permanent loss or impairment and, for more significant  losses, associated pain and suffering. There are also special lump sum death benefits

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